Dessert menu - What are the major attractions for your breakfast?

Everyone likes to start his day with a nutritious and well-balanced breakfast. However, having dessert-like delicacies in breakfast is a good way to switch up the menu. Join us at Bagels & Lake Worth for a delightful variety of sweeter breakfast options.
Cheese muffins with blueberry-
They look as ordinary muffin. However, you may realize the difference, while you have started to eat it. The cream cheese is the main ingredient that has made this muffin unique.
Jelly donuts and peanut butter
If you like jelly-like foods, then this may be preferable to you. This is a new twist on the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Churros- Pair it with chocolate-
It is also one of the delicious breakfasts, and you can have it with different chocolates or hot coffee. The sugar and cinnamon, added to this dish, give you a unique flavor and taste. 
Carrot cake muffins
For the not so sweet tooth, carrot cake muffins are a great option. With the combination of being slightly savory with a hint of sweet this is a great start to the morning.
Cocoa pudding-
This one is a kid favorite, and can be messy. A quick and sweet treat, can’t mess with a classic! 
Thus, to taste lots of other dessert items for breakfast or dinner, you can visit Bagels & Lake Worth.