Stale Bagels? Use Them for Making Other Tasty Recipes

You may be one of the bagel lovers in this world, and you like to have bagels of any size, including the mini and bigger one. That’s why you have bought Lake Worth Bagels from one of the reputed restaurants. But, though you have included bagels in your dinner, breakfast and lunch, you cannot eat all the pieces. You think that it would really be a waste of money, while you need to throw away the stale bagels. However, it may be mistake if you have disposed of your stale bagels. There are several things to be done with the use of stale bagels. 
Refresh your bagels
The bagels cannot become rotten after one or two days. You have to rinse them with cold or hot water and then heat them. The heat or steam will make your bagels fresh.
Croutons with bagels
Stale pieces of bagels are the right options to prepare croutons. There is no need of cooking it as they are slightly crunchy. You may put salad for moistening up. So, your Lake Worth Bagels will turn into croutons.

Use bagels as pudding for your bread
The creamy, mild bagels’ flavor is the best thing to be used as pudding. While you love to have the sweet pudding, this option is right for you. 
Bagels become a bowl
While you do not like to taste the stale bagel, it is better to eat the piece in other useful ways. You may put tuna, eggs and sauce into the crust.
There are various other recipes that you can create with the use of stale bagels. Buy Lake Worth Bagels that are fresh. However, while they have become stale, you have to use the above recipes to save your money. Visit Bagels & Lake Worth to dine in or bring delicious bagels home with you!